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Do You Have an Agenda at Work?

Some Chrisitans dislike it when I propose that everyone, at all times, is motivated by an agenda. This agenda may be selfish, or it may be manipulative, however, it may also be from God! Everyone needs to be shown love and everyone desires purpose. When we approach our work with this in mind, it is

10 Signs A Business or Ministry is Going to Fail

In his short book, 10 Signs of a Leadership Crash, Stephen Mansfield distills the lessons of the “leadership crash post-mortem” that he and his team at the Mansfield Group have compiled over a long career of restoring leaders after moral or financial failures.  The theme I see in every one of these ten signs is

How to Market in a Biblical Way

On a recent live meeting for my new virtual class, “Building Your Career and Business with God,” I was asked to describe the difference between self-promotion and marketing. As Christians, this is an important issue to understand. In this blog, I want to share a few thoughts on the difference between the two. I also want

How To Do A Risk Assessment With The Holy Spirit

Most Christians can quote grandiose themes of scripture like, “It’s impossible to please God without faith!” But faith is fleshed out in our ability to take great risks.  God wants us to use every tool at our disposal, including our intellect and our life experience. Those can, of course, hinder us as well, but as

Is Your Mindset Helping or Hurting You in the Workplace?

To really understand how to build a foundation of spiritual wisdom in our life and work, we need to look at the way God’s people were wired to think. We must also clear out some of our old ways of thinking as an exercise to renew our minds. We need to “set a table with

Five Steps to Develop Instinct and Intuition with the Holy Spirit

A Part of developing our relationship with God is to see how He has wired us to connect with Him through instinct and intuition, and learn to hear His voice. It will change our lives so much when we do! Many major business leaders are hiring intuition coaches now to teach them to listen, and we