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Creating a Culture of Trust and Connection in Business

Did you know that a culture of trust and connection is key to a thriving business or workplace? I’ve noticed over the years that many work environments are actually fueled by fear and most of us have experienced this to some level. Sometimes, it’s because productivity and results are the highest priority in the organization,

How to Build Strong Boundaries at Work

Do you want a healthy, balanced and fulfilling work life? If you do, strong boundaries are essential. It takes time and practice, but it might not be as hard as you think. The most important boundaries you need to start with at work are having boundaries with how you think and how you feel. This

3 Steps to Avoid the Tyranny of the Urgent

Do you ever feel like you spend your day putting out fires instead of building your dreams? Do you feel stuck, like the Israelites, circling around and around the same problems without really getting where you want to go in your career or life? The problem may well be the tyranny of the urgent. Most

9 Ways to Create a Powerful and Successful Team Culture

In my work as a consultant to businesses and organizations, I have often found that the true impact of any team or group comes down to the power of the team culture. In this series, we have already looked at some of the ways a positive team culture is beneficial, as well as how to

How to Identify a Negative Team Culture

How to Create a Positive, Powerful Team Culture Part 2: How to Identify a Negative Team Culture There is one obstacle that a team can face which is more destructive than any other. That obstacle is simply this — a negative team culture. The truth is, it is not what is happening on the outside

How To Repair a Micromanaged Workplace

The antidote to the destructive nature of micromanaging is honor. In my last blog, I talked about how micromanaging hurts your company. Now, I want to talk about how to fix it. Honor is defined in the following 4 things: Identifying what is amazing about people and drawing that out. Treating people the way they