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9 Ways to Create a Powerful and Successful Team Culture

In my work as a consultant to businesses and organizations, I have often found that the true impact of any team or group comes down to the power of the team culture. In this series, we have already looked at some of the ways a positive team culture is beneficial, as well as how to

How to Identify a Negative Team Culture

How to Create a Positive, Powerful Team Culture Part 2: How to Identify a Negative Team Culture There is one obstacle that a team can face which is more destructive than any other. That obstacle is simply this — a negative team culture. The truth is, it is not what is happening on the outside

What I Learned from an Angry Dad . . . and Then from a Loving Father

Anxiety was ever-present in my home growing up, but it always escalated each afternoon before my dad came home from work. This was the time when my mom, brother, and I made sure everything was perfect—house and rooms clean, dinner prepared, etc.—and tried to become small targets to avoid his anger and punishment. We never