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My New Book: Shortcuts

I am thrilled to announce that my new book, Shortcuts, is now available for preorder and will be available May 17th!

I wrote this book after spending the last 5+ years having deep and meaningful conversations with Christians, some of whom were succeeding in the workplace, and some of whom seemed to resent the workplace. It caused me to deeply reflect on my own journey, and seek to use what I have learned to help all Christians close the gaps between vision and execution of the path God has for them.

Finding your dream job. Discovering your purpose and passion. Achieving success and mastery in your field. Building healthy work-life balance. Experiencing fulfillment in all areas of life. These are all worthy desires to pursue, but not only do we lack a roadmap to make these things happen, the world pressures us to skip the line and use the latest “hacks” to reach these goals. Yet most of the time when we go looking for shortcuts, it makes things harder in the long term.

In this book, I share the secret to making real, lasting change. Packed with proven wisdom rooted in biblical truths, Shortcuts reveals processes for you to overcome discontentment and confusion, and gain courage and clarity on how to achieve the life you dream of. In Shortcuts, we will explore:

  • The biggest problems with the world’s prevailing wisdom on the path of success in work and life.
  • A 30,000-foot view of what the Scripture reveals about God’s grand design and purpose for our work and life.
  • How we gain clarity on our identity, purpose, and assignments.
  • How passion is actually connected to what we do, and how to experience it in our work and life.
  • Four essential keys to finding the roles where we can grow, thrive, and contribute our best work to the world––personality and gifts, execution, culture, and character.
  • How our purpose and passion in life is inextricably connected with people and relationships.
  • A biblical approach to work-life balance.
  • How to become wise managers of our time, energy, and money.
  • Keys to master the art of planning and personal growth.

Don’t miss another moment of the life you were meant to live. Shortcuts will show you how to embrace the process and experience the passion and purpose you were created for. You can find out more about my new book and join the journey by clicking here.


8 responses to “My New Book: Shortcuts

  1. Wonder without wandering, the world of business focuses on it’s own important perspective, “goal”. God’s perspective given by His revelation is rich and lacks nothing. Yes, there is enough of what is needed to work, supernatural products, to see what God’s desire is regarding work. Being exhorted to work while it is today ! Thankful for His blessing to use what is in my hands for his glory in Jesus’ Name, Amen

  2. Hi Bob,
    I love your podcasts with Shawn, and your wisdom and calm, down to earth, but Godly advice for business people. I find it all very encouraging and energising, so thank you and keep up the excellent work.
    With best wishes
    New Zealand

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