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The Proven Path To Purpose Excellence, And Calling.

About The Book

Finding your dream job. Discovering your purpose and passion. Achieving success and mastery in your field. Building healthy work-life balance. Experiencing fulfillment in all areas of life.

These are all worthy desires to pursue, but not only do we lack a roadmap to make these things happen, the world pressures us to skip the line and use the latest “hacks” to reach these goals. Yet most of the time when we go looking for shortcuts, it makes things harder in the long term.

Leadership coach and popular podcast host Bob Hasson shares the secret to making real, lasting change in his book, Shortcuts. Packed with proven wisdom rooted in biblical truths, Shortcuts reveals processes for you to overcome discontentment and confusion, and gain courage and clarity on how to achieve the life you dream of.

Sample The Book

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  • The biggest problems with the world’s prevailing wisdom on the path of success in work and life.
  • A 30,000-foot view of what the Scripture reveals about God’s grand design and purpose for our work and life.
  • How we gain clarity on our identity, purpose, and assignments.
  • How passion is actually connected to what we do, and how to experience it in our work and life.
  • Four essential keys to finding the roles where we can grow, thrive, and contribute our best work to the world––personality and gifts, execution, culture, and character.
  • How our purpose and passion in life is inextricably connected with people and relationships.
  • A biblical approach to work-life balance.
  • How to become wise managers of our time, energy, and money.
  • Keys to master the art of planning and personal growth.Don’t miss another moment of the life you were meant to live. Shortcuts will show you how to embrace the process and experience the passion and purpose you were created for.

Don’t miss another moment of the life you were meant to live. Shortcuts will show you how to embrace the process and experience the passion and purpose you were created for.

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Shortcuts Round Table Discussion

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Session 1
Session 2
Do you deserve passion?
Session 3
How God created work?
Session 4
When we chase shortcuts?
Session 5
Gods wisdom practically speaking
Session 6
Fulfilling Your Potential
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About Bob

BOB HASSON is a businessman, Author, Consultant and Podcaster.

He is both the Founder and CEO of HPCI, a painting subcontractor, which he founded in 1978.

For over thirty years, he has been active as a consultant and board member for churches, ministries, nonprofits, and school boards.

He has authored Business of Honor with Danny Silk and Wired to Hear with Shawn Bolz. Bob currently co-hosts the Exploring the Marketplace Podcast with Shawn, which is in the top 100 of all Christian podcasts weekly.

He has been married for thirty three years to his wife, Lauren, and they have four children and two grandchildren.


You cannot bypass God's process to realizing your potential. In, my friend Bob Hasson shares how progress is progressive—often occur- ring in stages and phases, little by little. This message will help you find meaning in the mundane, peace under pressure, and purpose in your pain.
This book is a must-read for anyone wanting to have lasting and long- term success in their life and dreams. These timeless truths come with experience, authority, and success forged through making mistakes, learning through them, and no.

If I could go back and give my 20-year-old self advice for life and leader- ship, I would tell myself to read . The message that this book brings is crucial for long-term success in a world that celebrates hurry, instant gratification, and cutting corners. Bob Hasson is someone who has impacted my life significantly as a friend, mentor, and someone I respect deeply, and what he writes in this book is connected to decades of real-life experience and years of conversations.
There are voices in every generation that God raises up who bring a message we need to hear, a message that calls us to a higher standard and equips us to thrive in the unique call God has on each of us. Bob Hasson, in his book , writes not just as a successful businessman, but as a pastor and prophet with a passion to see people fulfill their God- given potential. This is a message that will both inspire and challenge you in the best of ways. If you are hungry to grow and be equipped in your purpose, this book is a must-read.
I loved reading this book! is both timely and pertinent to anyone wanting a compass to guide them through the storms of life and career. It is also a map for navigating passions, priorities, and work ethic. Bob Hasson does a wonderful job showing us what is possible if we dig deep, stay focused, and surround ourselves with the right inputs. I highly recommend to anyone interested in being an effec- tive dreamer, visionary, or practical strategist.
In his book, Bob Hasson breaks apart the subjects of passion, our design, planning, and success in a way that only a father who has been there before and has developed a voice for it can do.The reality is that we are not going to get a different result if we don't have a different process and tools that set us apart.

Get for everyone in your life. I know I will. It is a gift that will save them years of hard process and help them to walk out their journey with the confidence that God intended.
In Bob’s new book, you will discover a pathway to clarity in your own pursuit of passion, purpose, and the people with whom you choose to surround yourself. As you read these significant truths, you will gain a journey that Bob has lived out in his daily choices of relational integrity, serving others with high levels of excellence, regardless of the personal cost. It is worth the cost, and Bob will show you the way!
If you need to get “unstuck,” this book will undoubtedly inspire you and give you the motivation needed for change, and it will help you on your journey of living a life of great significance! My life has been greatly enriched because of the message and my friendship with
Bob! will give you invaluable wisdom that only comes with the experience gained through years of hard work and sacrifice!
Bob Hasson’s new book, is a thought-provoking and honest work for anyone seeking purpose, passion, and perseverance. In these pages, Bob distills his wealth of experience into practical knowledge and fatherly wisdom that is sure to challenge you while also giving you keys to steward your calling. I highly recommend this book to anyone who is ready to move forward in their career and calling with confidence, clarity, and courage.