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About Shortcuts

Finding your dream job. Discovering your purpose and passion. Achieving success and mastery in your field. Building healthy work-life balance. Experiencing fulfillment in all areas of life.

These are all worthy desires to pursue, but not only do we lack a roadmap to make these things happen, the world pressures us to skip the line and use the latest “hacks” to reach these goals. Yet most of the time when we go looking for shortcuts, it makes things harder in the long term.

Leadership coach and popular podcast host Bob Hasson shares the secret to making real, lasting change in his book, Shortcuts. Packed with proven wisdom rooted in biblical truths, Shortcuts reveals processes for you to overcome discontentment and confusion, and gain courage and clarity on how to achieve the life you dream of.


Bob Hasson Podcasts
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Work/Life Balance Part 3 – Rest 

Biblically, our lives aren’t divided between work and life, but between work and rest. If we want to find balance, then we must learn to work well and rest well. Now, I’m going to say something that is clearly true, but doesn’t feel like it should be true.  Rest is hard. It doesn’t feel like it
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A Different Perspective on Work/Life Balance (Part 2) 

In Part 1, I explained why the Bible leads us to think of our lives as a balance, not between work and life, but between work and rest. If we really want to experience this balance, then we need to learn what it means to work well and rest well.  So what does it mean
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Work/Life Balance (Part 1)

Work/Life Balance and the Bible (Part 1)  Work/life balance. The very term suggests that our lives are compartmentalized into these two categories––work and life. And realistically, that’s probably how most of us think of our lives. We have our paid work, and then we have our “life”––everything else we do with our time. Family, friends,
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