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Assertive Communication In Business

We all get stressed out sometimes, but I am the captain of being stressed out!

We all have different ways we react when we are stressed that may negatively impact our work and relationships. However, there are also positive ways to deal with this stress!

I don’t know about you, but when I am not at my best, I tend to isolate myself when I am dealing with a situation in my mind I am trying to solve.

At work, my team looks to me as a leader, and when I have these moments of isolation, I cut off all communication. Others may not cut off communication but communicate ineffectively with blame, aggression, passive aggression, or other behaviors that cut off healthy communication. This disempowers the whole team.

When there is no healthy communication, it prevents team decisions. If you own your own business or manage a team or are part of a team, you understand the power of a great team decision and the wisdom it provides.

The good news is, we are not stuck with only one option of what to do when we are stressed. We have options that can actually lead to team growth and progress, instead of leading away from it.

The key for me in this situation is to become vulnerable, transparent and intimate. The word intimate doesn’t usually come up in business, but Danny Silk describes intimacy as, “In-to-me-you-see.”

This means I choose to let you in and let you know my needs and desires where I feel safe and happy. I assert my needs without blame, shame, or guilt, to get us to the next step for where we need to be as a team.

The quicker you become more intimate and vulnerable about how the situation scares you, the quicker the team can communicate back, rally around, and begin to solve the task at hand.

Assertive communication stops a problem from becoming a disaster, and keeps you united and working well as a team!

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