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3 Fears We Must Overcome In Business

I think of business as an ecosystem of relationships. Honor in business is all about stewarding these relationships well—both the internal relationships between leaders and team members, and external relationships between businesses and vendors, competitors, regulators, and customers.

The goal in every relationship, whether personal or professional, is the same: forming, sustaining, and protecting a healthy connection. Connection is the foundation for anything human beings accomplish together, whether it is growing a family or providing valued goods and services for customers. The health of our connections determines the success of our collaborations.

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2 responses to “3 Fears We Must Overcome In Business

  1. When you prioritize your connection as the most important thing, then you can work together through any issue that arises and come out stronger, healthier, smarter, and more capable of reaching your goals. Instead of something to avoid, conflict become opportunities to take advantage of. But your goal MUST be connection.

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