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4 Core Values of Honoring Business Leaders

On several occasions, I’ve heard Danny tell a story about a meeting he attended with a group of leaders in Redding, CA. The meeting was focused on identifying issues that were currently troubling the city and discussing strategies for improvement. As the leaders examined the problems in various areas, from public safety to social services, education, and the business economy, a common theme emerged. They all saw that the number-one factor contributing to these problems was not a lack of funding or programs. It was, in one word, fatherlessness.

Now, I imagine what most of those leaders meant by “fatherlessness” is what we all think of when we hear that term—the widespread impact of family breakup in our society. But when Danny and I talk about fatherlessness, we understand that an even deeper issue lies behind our broken relational culture and its effects on everything, and that is disconnection from the heart of the Father. This means the ultimate solution to the fatherlessness issue is not simply calling for men to be better husbands and fathers, but to seek the restoration of connection with the Father for everybody.

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  1. I’ve always believed that the answer to homelessness and many other issues in society have nothing to do with money – it has everything to do with the home. If we can build up strong, healthy, honoring families who prioritize connection, love each other well, and place their relationship with God first – most of the problems we face in society would disappear in one generation. It is an issue of fatherlessness/homelessness and we need to change the mindset of every person to align with the Kingdom principles you talk about in your book and Danny Silk talks about in Loving on Purpose.

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