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Do You Have an Agenda at Work?

Some Chrisitans dislike it when I propose that everyone, at all times, is motivated by an agenda. This agenda may be selfish, or it may be manipulative, however, it may also be from God! Everyone needs to be shown love and everyone desires purpose. When we approach our work with this in mind, it is easy to see opportunities to express Christ’s agenda without inserting our own.

Our primary mandate as a Christian is to love, and then we have the great commission: to make disciples of all men. Love must come first in leading us, and that means we must have self-awareness and emotional intelligence for how and when to evangelize and “make disciples.” Wisdom tells us that we can’t bring faith up in every conversation and that there is a time and place for it. It in no way means we separate our faith journey from work, just that our goals are in the right order.

Evangelism isn’t always an overt expression of Christian theology. In many cases, it is demonstrated as we purpose to hear God and do the work He has called us to. We often associate being cared for and pastored with attending church. Yet, all people need to be cared for and loved in every area of life, whether they are believers or not. What better place to show people the tangible love of God than in their everyday lives at work? It is this practical experience that allows people to encounter Christ through us—not just on Sunday through prayer ministry—but every day through lived-out love and compassion.

Now, I want to hear from you! Can you identify your marketplace agenda? Do you have a vision statement for how you demonstrate Kingdom attributes in the workplace? If so, I would love to hear about it in the comments, so it can encourage and inspire others! 

This blog is an excerpt from my new book, “Wired to Hear.” To read more, find the book by clicking here.

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