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Five Steps to Develop Instinct and Intuition with the Holy Spirit

A Part of developing our relationship with God is to see how He has wired us to connect with Him through instinct and intuition, and learn to hear His voice. It will change our lives so much when we do! Many major business leaders are hiring intuition coaches now to teach them to listen, and we believe this is valuable. But how much more powerful can our intuition become when we realize that we have the Holy Spirit? One of His names is counselor, coach or teacher, and He loves to use our intuition to connect with us and counsel us. These are five ways to learn how to recognize Holy Spirit intuition in your life:

  1. Take time and pause: One of the ways we develop our natural instinct and intuition is to take pauses in our day—especially when we are in a decision-making time—to meditate and be quiet. This means giving ourselves time to pause and check in with the Spirit and listen inwardly to the voice that is processing inside of us. Having regular slow-down times with intentional practices amid fast-paced times is the only way to keep going forward. As Psalm 5:3 says, “In the morning, Lord, you hear my voice; in the morning I lay my requests before you and wait expectantly.”
  2. Recognize mistakes as a vehicle for learning: We can’t camp around our mistakes. Instead, we can ask God to show us how He wants to use them for our good. As we repent for what we need to repent of and allow Him to heal what needs to be healed, we can look for lessons that these mistakes have defined. These are the moments when we do not need to just say, “I would never do that again”; they are the moments we need to ask, “Why did I do that, God? Show me my heart.” This creates a teachability where we can pivot from what did not work and trust our gut for what can work in the future.
  3. Recognize wins and when things went right: We also need to learn from when we did partner with God, reverse engineering our wins. Does this current moment feel like that time you made a good gut decision? Do you feel the same presence of mind and heart to make the same decision again? Does it feel familiar? This is one of the main ways we will learn to hear from God. But it requires slowing down, pausing, and evaluating.
  4. Detach emotionally and look from many angles: In the midst of a decision, pause and try to detach from all the potential outcomes so that you can listen to intuition more clearly. Sometimes (like applying for a job or turning in a script) we are so obsessed with the outcome that we cannot truly hear. This does not mean detaching from faith, but allowing ourselves to see what we are looking at from many sides with many outcomes can help us to hear more clearly.
  5. Listen to the people God has put in your life: For us, even when we are fairly sure we know which direction to go in business or ministry, we still include our teams. We sit down with them because our teams are familiar and intimate not only with us but also with the business. As we begin to lay out an idea, we invite them to offer
    their own intuitive input and direction. Proverbs 15:22 (NIV) says, “Plans fail for lack of counsel, but with many advisers they succeed.”

I pray these blogs help encourage and resource you towards greater things. I would love to hear from you in the comments: how do you recognize and develop Holy Spirit intuition in your life?

This blog is an excerpt from my new book, “Wired to Hear.” To read more, find the book by clicking here.

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