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FREE Virtual Event: Be Equipped to Integrate Your Faith into the Marketplace

We don’t need to look far to see how people are pursuing wisdom to achieve a form of success. People spend billions of dollars each year on seminars, coaching, education, mentorship, books, and e-courses just to advance their way of thinking so that they can hopefully be successful. We live in a culture where people sacrifice time, energy, and money on trying to hear from successful people, just hoping that as they hear from these icons of industry, they will have access to some of the wisdom and understanding that gave them those results.

People are hoping that by listening to the experts, the wealthy, and the successful, their thinking will rub off on them. Often, Christians have either avoided this conversation, or gone to gain wisdom for their career from this earthly perspective. This has created an unhealthy compartmentalization where many feel their career and faith are two separate things that cannot fit or work together. There has not been a space for a learning how to integrate your faith in business…until now!

God’s wisdom is far above that of man’s and He promises us when we follow Him, we won’t have to lean on our own understanding. Part of the typical conversation of “how to be successful” involves keeping faith out of it, but that is not God’s way, and that is not the most successful way. God shares His wisdom with us in His word and this wisdom is more powerful than anything else you will hear. His word has the power to transform your mind, and renew it. This is not just a spiritual process for church, but also a process we have access to at work! He wants to give us a whole new way of thinking, maybe one that does not even make sense to a natural mind. What we as a church really need in this time, is wisdom in how to bring faith and work together; to apply our faith at work.

As we pursue God’s wisdom for our work and career, we become like Him. We become a whole person who invites Him into our whole life. We gain access to His wisdom at all times, even in the workplace. God is moving in the marketplace and there are many people right now that are experiencing a breakthrough in understanding how to integrate God into their whole life! These are people who are resisting the compartmentalization that makes our life and our faith weak.

I want to invite you to be a part of this journey, and take your place as a forerunner in this powerful way God is moving His people to be whole. Join me and several other marketplace leaders at 3pm PST on May 4th for a Wired to Hear book launch and event where we will be discussing business from a kingdom perspective. You will get the chance to hear from Dr. David Yarnes, Ed Rush, Lauren Hasson, Pedro Adao, Steve Chua and Tony Kim! The FREE LIVE Portion will begin at 6pm PST and will be streamed live on the Bolz Ministries Online Platform, Facebook, Instagram, YouTube & Twitter. We will be announcing more Business Grant Recipients plus have dozens and dozens of give-aways! We would love to see you there and continue to partner together and move towards grater things!

Today is the last day to preorder my new book, Wired to Hear. You will receive free access to the event when you purchase through You can also go to to register. 


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