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How to Partner with God In Your Workplace

Have you ever felt unsure about how to bring God into your workplace? Have you been looking for a model of how to imitate Him and demonstrate love in a workplace that seems to be all about business and the bottom line?

I have found that many of us Christians struggle with feeling we have only limited understanding of God when it comes to what He can and is doing in the marketplace. I used to struggle with understanding God’s will in this area, but God has taken me on an incredible journey to find and discover Him in the marketplace. The most exciting thing about this is that He does not just want to speak to us about the marketplace, He wants to invite us to partner with Him there! This leads us to a greater intimacy with Him that impacts all areas of our life, and our spiritual walk.

Hearing God is not just an esoteric or philosophical experience reserved for a church service. Instead, His voice can create faith that can change the metrics of industries, shift the bottom line for the poor, and cause leaders and influencers to wonder about who it is you serve. Your partnership with God should bring solutions to industries that have given up hope of changing or evolving. It should cause big industries to see huge shifts toward a better future.

God wants to bring marketplace innovation to meet the growing needs of a diverse world, to better our lives, and to build thriving economies. Our responsibility to serve in every sector is the foundation of the Kingdom. What if people were shown the face of God through our servitude, innovation, growth, excellence, care, and provision? This is the real-world transformation that God originally intended the church to bring!

God has positioned Christians in places of influence and authority, giving us hope and new prototypes for what it means to demonstrate the Kingdom of God here on Earth. He is placing us in positions of influence—whether influence over an entire organization or industry or influence with a single co-worker—so that we can bring life and light to those around us. He is giving us influence so that we can serve the world!

Yet, the journey is not always easy. We need courage to trust and hear God in our careers—not just as an occasional occurrence when God disrupts our big decisions, but as a way of life in all things, partnering with God in our practical daily decisions. It is hard sometimes to know where to start. That is why I partnered with Shawn Bolz to write, “”Wired to Hear,”” a book about learning to hear God in and for the workplace. In that book, we talk about all these concepts in greater depth and with practical examples. My hope and prayer is that it imparts courage and excitement to not just bring God to your workplace, but to experience partnering with God on a whole new level! You can find out more about the book, by clicking here.

I believe you can access the fullness of what God has made available to you in your lifetime through hearing His voice. The good news is, you don’t have to feel you are wasting 40 hours a week on something that has no eternal value. Your work has incredible eternal value! But, we need to hear God in all areas of our life, to live out the fullness of our calling. Let’s partner with His incredible wisdom and grace and from that place, do the work He has called us to do!

Do you have an example of hearing God at work? I would love to hear it and for other people to read your example. Feel free to share below the comment box! You never know who might be encouraged to read it!


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