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How To Repair a Micromanaged Workplace

The antidote to the destructive nature of micromanaging is honor. In my last blog, I talked about how micromanaging hurts your company. Now, I want to talk about how to fix it.

Honor is defined in the following 4 things:

  1. Identifying what is amazing about people and drawing that out.
  2. Treating people the way they deserve.
  3. Stewarding relationships well.
  4. Treating relationships like an asset and the greatest company resource.

If you are stuck in a cycle of micromanaging, here are 6 ways to increase in honor:

  1. Hire the smartest employees that you can, and let them perform and use their ability for the company. They are your greatest assets! If you want a winning team, you have to draft the best players for your team. As Jim Collins says, the best leaders surround themselves with people smarter and better than themselves! I have experts all around me and I love it!
  2. Encourage people to show up with their ideas, without fear of backlash, harsh criticism, or punishment. Encourage people to be creative about problem-solving even if you don’t have a problem. This ties into the idea of stewarding relationships. They might help you catch a little thing before it becomes a big problem or share options that take your team to the next level.
  3. Identify and partner with the unified goal of your team. This will rally your employees together to win as a team instead of them feeling they have to win individually. Common goals will build comradery and belonging which will help others to value their work and your company. When your team’s goals are met, you will reduce employee turnover and burnout.
  4. Demonstrate the behaviors you expect within your company. If you behave responsibly and work hard with passion, your staff will too. Listen and you will be listened to. If you provide a standard of excellence, they will have a path to walk on. Promote people who model this well.
  5. Empower people with freedom and responsibility that does not exceed their ability. If people are in the wrong position, one that they are not qualified for, everyone gets frustrated and micromanaging starts. Set people free by empowering them to shine within their own ability. If you empower beyond ability, you will be left micromanaging.
  6. Expect results. Requiring results lets people know that what they are doing matters. It motivates them to know that they can create their own success. When they create their own success, you will in turn succeed and everyone feels great.

Once we recognize the reward of honor in our workplace, we will generally see an increase in productivity, finances, and relationships. Remember, micromanaging kills and honor brings life.


Bob Hasson

To learn more about healthy ways to manage your employees, check out my new book Business of Honor.

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