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Safety in Business Relationships

Would you like to achieve your goals in your business? Emotional safety is a prerequisite for unlocking and optimizing connection, collaboration and success in the workplace. Cultivating emotional safety in the workplace is essential to lower anxiety so that team members can increase their productivity, creativity, and results.

Business works best when we are all working together.

I once had a situation in a meeting dealing with a legal issue where the other side was not being very respectful, and it triggered me to dig my heels in. My business partner Rich put the call on hold and told me to get out of my ego and pride. I was able to go back into the call with more clarity, confidence, and less anxiety. The issue was not only successfully resolved, but more importantly, I realized the game-changer was quite simply that Rich had the safety in our relationship to tell me that I was wrong. I had the safety in our relationship to accept his input and trust him.


Emotional safety looks like trust, and it looks like creating a culture where people can give and receive opinions without the threat of judgment or punishment. This is key for a thriving business and workplace. As leaders, we need to make sure that our employees feel safe enough to speak out, show up fully and share their ideas. As employees, we need to make sure that our boss can trust we have their best interest in mind and give us feedback, without us talking bad about them or making their job more difficult. When working with our clients, our ability to help them feel emotionally safe and able to voice their concerns will translate to a better relationship, better sales, and better results. We all need to feel emotional safety to be our best in a situation. It is the glue that holds a team together, so we can continue to achieve our goals. Everything falls apart without it. Fear and punishment are short-term solutions; safety will create lasting success.

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