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Should You Use Intuition When You Make Decisions In Business and in Life?

Do you ever wonder how much to rely on intuition when it comes to your business, life and influence? As we look at how intuition affects Christians, it’s important to define what it is. Intuition is the use of a gut feeling to make decisions rather than relying on a more scientific approach using data and other quantitative evidence that is supported by logical, rational decision-making.

While intuition is similar to instinct, the process of “knowing” is more connected to our feelings, sometimes sitting in the same place as our empathy or emotions. Other times, intuition occurs in the driving places of our minds (remember, we have the mind of Christ). Intuition often helps us understand what season we are in. It helps us navigate questions, such as these: Is it time to transition and switch companies or is it time to practice loyalty to my current company, even if there is no visual benefit? Or is it a time of explosive growth that I can capitalize on in my own life?

There are many reasons to check in with your intuition when you make decisions, but here are our four favorites:

  1. Intuition helps you make decisions faster. Making decisions is quick or even instant, instead of waiting on data analysis or measurement. Intuition is more based on your own personal experience. The data that comes from research isn’t always reliable, or even available, especially for unique situations we find ourselves in. 
  2. Intuition connects decisions to your heart and spirit. As a Christian, it feels more like you are trying to partner with the Spirit of God through faith instead of just taking the status quo for your final authority. At one time, Wired to Hear co-author Shawn sat down with a business leader who is part of many wealthy endeavors, and he shared how he had a gift to see patterns in failing companies. He would have a gut feeling about which ones to buy and rebuild and which ones were not worth it. As he started to develop his relationship with God, he recognized God’s wiring in him and began to partner with the Holy Spirit to actually buy and rebuild companies that could affect regional or even national economies if rebuilt correctly.
  3. Combining data and intuition often confirms your gut decisions. Intuition is a powerful force within us and one of the main ways a lot of us hear from God. Our wiring and connection to God help us to make great gut decisions. On top of that, when we add the research and data we need to help inform these decisions, it often will not conflict with our gut once we’ve combined the two together.
  4. Intuition recognizes times and seasons. Understanding the times and the seasons of life is one of the main benefits of good intuition. We begin to get excited about what God wants to do, and no matter what the weatherman says, we see a higher report of what is available.

These are some of the benefits I see of intuition, and now I want to hear from you

Have you made a decision with intuition that has changed things for you, your life, influence or business? Are there other benefits you have seen to checking in with your intuition while making decisions? 

This blog is an excerpt is from the book, Wired to Hear. To read more, you can find the book here: click here!


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