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Staying Connected to God in Times of Uncertainty

Do you ever have moments of asking yourself if all your hard work will be worth it? Or whether you’re on the right path? Perhaps you’ve been through recent changes at work or are considering a move. Often, these thoughts are just a question of perspective. No matter what’s happening in our lives, when we’re aligned with God’s thoughts about our situation, we stay connected to hope, grace and faith that is the fuel to get us through. When we stay connected to ourselves, God and others, we silence the voices of doubt.

God is always working. This is evident time and time again in the scriptures, and yet when we read the Bible stories from beginning to end, it’s easy to forget how much faith it must have taken for the characters to walk out the “middle” with God. Imagine the moments of doubt Joseph must have had while storing up grain for Egypt for seven years before a famine came, or Abraham when he moved his whole family to a foreign land at God’s word. Jesus demonstrates the strategy for finishing well perfectly – he frequently went off by himself to pray and be with the father. It was here he got what he needed to continue, even when things were hard. Each of us has an assignment that is worth finishing. What about you? What is your assignment? It may have to do with family, friends, location or work. It may not be easy, but it will definitely be worth it. As we stay connected to God, ourselves and others, we too find the fuel to keep going. 

Staying connected to God is the key to staying connected to purpose, but it looks different for everybody. Years ago I was struggling to connect with God by sitting and reading the Bible. It felt like a discipline rather than a joy. Then one day I felt the Lord say “Why don’t you seek me and find me in the gym while you’re doing cardio?” I thought “that’s a great idea!” Every afternoon I went to the gym to work out, and so I started to use this as my “God time.” This was before iphones and ipads, so I’d rest my Bible on the handlebars of the bike and for the first twenty minutes of my workout I would read and pray and it was fantastic! I would then meditate on what I had read. For me, this was a revolutionary way of building discipline and staying connected to God that suited my personality! Connecting to God might look different for you. You may enjoy time in nature or in a prayer closet. God wants to meet us in our times of uncertainty and align us with His perspective. Will you say yes to His invitation, show up and meet with Him? When we partner with Him, He fills us with abundant grace to continue to fulfil the assignment He’s given us for the season.


7 responses to “Staying Connected to God in Times of Uncertainty

  1. This is good and key for people to understand, as I grew up with the view that it had to look a certain way to connect with God and spend time with him. I love how you discovered your time with God that gave you fuel to go for more. Sometimes I hear God the most when I am working out. He tends to interrupt my workout with revelation and understanding about things I may be dwelling on. This is a great encouragement and a reminder to not get religious about How and What it is supposed to look like. Just connect in whatever way you can.

  2. Wow, that’s a great reason to start working out! 🏋️‍♀️ I love that he meets me where I am and wants that connection that He knows I need. It has been a lot easier currently to spend much more time in His presence!

  3. Affirmation:
    Uniquely purposed by design for such a time as this.

    Today I woke and just knew today is the 100 day of the year… later I shared this with my daughter, she googled it and April 10th 2020 marks the 100 one hundredth day of this year… this decade.

    SN- I’ve been spending 12-14 hours at a time without any social media contact,

    Focusing on selfcare, wellness and growing my personal relationship(s)
    I think that small still whisper this morning, is just a reminder of the creative grace made possible for each and every day for us as the collective.
    In order for us to effectively be present with other’s we have to learn and grow in being comfortable and productive with first being present with ourselves mind, body, and spirit.

    ♡ love & light
    Mary Amber

    1. Wow! Thanks for sharing! That’s a great word on bring present with ourselves first, so that we can be present with others. Great keys on navigating this time too. Blessings to you Mary!

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