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Top 5 Tips to Be More Powerful in Business

Many of us spend our lives believing that we are only loved and accepted if we perform well, and punished or ignored when we perform poorly. But what if we could spend each day working from a place of security and empowerment? A place where we are confident we are accepted and loved regardless of our performance. To truly be powerful in business, we must first create the foundation of a strong identity and internal empowerment. The good news is, no matter our workplace circumstances, challenges, successes or failures, our true identity as sons and daughters of God is immutable. This is the foundation on which we must build upon if we are to be powerful at work. Here are 5 ways you can begin to implement that knowledge today!

Create Emotional Boundaries

You can’t control anyone else, but God has given you the power to control yourself. With this awareness, we can exercise discipline around our thoughts and emotions. Restructuring our habits so that we learn to respond instead of react is essential to our growth as emotionally mature leaders. As children of God, we know that He is the one who ultimately knows the truth about us. Therefore, we must submit our thoughts and emotions to Him first. Once we are able to take our thoughts captive, we are more equipped to discern between the thoughts we should partake in versus the ones we shouldn’t. Just because we have strong feelings about something, doesn’t mean it would be wise to act upon them.

Navigate Conflict with Peace

It’s freeing to realize that as children of God, we don’t need to force others to respect us. We create a respectful environment simply by showing respect. How we navigate conflict can also serve as an example. Enforcing a standard and upholding emotional boundaries creates peace within ourselves as well as in our environment. As we develop a strong identity, we are able to better tolerate stress and insecurity as well as encourage confidence within ourselves and others.

Demonstrate Value Towards Yourself and Others

People are often afraid to contribute to their workplace. But when we have an inner security that comes from knowing that God calls us loved and lovable, regardless of how we perform, we can show up fully and bring our best to the workplace. We don’t have to be ridden with anxiety when someone else speaks up with other ideas. Remaining in constant communion with the Father will ward off feelings of jealousy. Those who have a strong identity in God see value in the contribution of others and are also confident to bring their best to the table.

Move Past Mistakes

Nothing you do can ever separate you from the love of God, not even your mistakes! Having this plumb line of understanding that everything gets pivoted and rerouted to empowers us to have boundaries with the thought that we are a failure. Instead, we can say, “That’s not actually for me; I’m grounded in the word. I made a mistake, but I’m not a failure.” This allows us to then extend the same grace to others.

Seek Help from Those You Trust

Pride is the ultimate roadblock when it comes to asking for help. Vulnerability is key to thriving in the workplace. In order to truly be powerful at work, you need to be able to reach out to people you trust and say, “I’m not handling this very well. Could you help me here?” Having a strong identity allows us to ask for help, and ideas that can then empower us to shift and adjust when needed.

We are created to work from a powerful identity (and not for it). As you become powerful internally, this can drastically improve your work performance, relationships and creativity! As you become more powerful at work, not only will you thrive, but you will be able to impact the entire culture of your workplace. After all, you are called to bring about life, health, change and longevity from the inside out and extend the same invitation to all those around you. I would encourage you to implement these strategies to build a more confident and powerful you today!

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