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Why I Wrote a Book on Honor with Danny Silk

Most of my professional life has been devoted to “behind the scenes” work. When people ask me what I do, I usually say, “I’m a painter.” If they ask for more details, I might describe some of the projects our company has completed. But even if they’ve heard of or been to an airport, hospital, or municipal building we’ve painted, none of them has ever noticed the paint. In commercial painting, it’s usually a bad thing when the paint job attracts notice.

My secondary arena of work has been serving in various advisory and consulting roles for individuals, companies, and organizations—work that has always taken place in one-to-one meetings, boardrooms, or small-group settings. It’s quiet, private, relational work, and I absolutely love it. I’d say it’s my sweet spot.

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3 responses to “Why I Wrote a Book on Honor with Danny Silk

  1. Dear Bob,
    Congratulations on your new book The Business of Honor. I just ordered my copy as I know it will be a message the Lord will want out.
    I love what the Bethel guys are doing there as well as Brother Silk.
    -Scott Caesar

  2. I predict that your book The Business of Honor is going to become the successful businessman’s handbook and become one of the most read books for people who want to successfully go into business for the right reasons. It should be required reading for any Christian who wants to live out Kingdom principles at work. The awesome thing is that the principles are not limited for work – they apply to all areas of life. Great job and thank you for your contribution to changing the landscape of society!

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