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The Only Path to True Passion, Success, and Fulfillment

When I look at the church, at least the streams of it with which I’m most familiar, I see plenty of signs that we have been buying into the world’s wisdom around work. Unfortunately, this “wisdom” often leads us straight to great some disappointments. My generation produced the workaholic pastors who built megachurches, and the

How Do you Practice the Art of Godly Balance?

Living in God’s wisdom for our lives involves learning the art of balance. Life is full of tension, and wisdom shows us how to balance these areas of tension in a way that leads to thriving.  Conversely, when we are not thriving—when our lives start to break down with anxiety, depression, relational dysfunction, burnout, fatigue,

My New Book: Shortcuts

I am thrilled to announce that my new book, Shortcuts, is now available for preorder and will be available May 17th! I wrote this book after spending the last 5+ years having deep and meaningful conversations with Christians, some of whom were succeeding in the workplace, and some of whom seemed to resent the workplace.

How to Partner with God In Your Workplace

Have you ever felt unsure about how to bring God into your workplace? Have you been looking for a model of how to imitate Him and demonstrate love in a workplace that seems to be all about business and the bottom line? I have found that many of us Christians struggle with feeling we have

3 Ways to Get the Wisdom You Need for Success

The fundamental ability to discern the difference between where it’s appropriate to take shortcuts in life and where we cannot and must not take shortcuts is a function of wisdom.  Wisdom is understanding God’s design for our lives and living into that design, taking the proven path by which that design unfolds. It is the

Three Ways to Foster Freedom and Lower Fear In Teams

Did you know you can actively work to lower the fear and stress in your team? Fear tells us that humans can’t be trusted with freedom and must be micromanaged. Honor tells us that people were designed to be free. When we trust and lead them with freedom, we invite the best of them to